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Family business today are faced with many challenges:
Internationalisation in an increasingly digital world with
totally new competitive strategies as well as generational
shifts with the resulting changes in value systems.

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We personally know the difficulties and chances of doing business in these interesting times. As a decision-maker in your family business you often find yourself stuck between different interests and seemingly conflicting priorities.

In addition, there is what we call the personal DNA of an organisation. It acts as a value foundation upon which the business is built, but also forms its memory. Discrepancies between the DNA and an organisation’s operational reality can often be perceived through strained informal communication and burdensome decision-making. You are likely to find that growth has stalled, that day-to-day business is slow and interpersonal crises are easily sparked.

This is where we come in:

We accompany you during the formulation of a new strategy that matches your particular business situation and the unique needs of your family. We analyse the status quo and your developmental potential so that you can improve profitability and reach your long-term goals.

We will tactfully assist with your transition arrangements in the context of a generational shift. We will co-create your vision, mission and goals to spur your entire team on.

We help you identify your values and everyday business application.

We help your reach the next level of professionalism by giving structure to the business and putting relevant processes in place.

We will jump in with a small team of experts to help you implement key initiatives within identified areas of adjustment as your strategy rolls out.

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