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Runs in the Family

Healthy family businesses display
a palpable integration of
responsibility and joy.

This subtle inner balance is easily disturbed during strategic change processes, be it during succession arrangements or the development of new markets.

The result? Your sense of duty and pressure slowly increases, your business and private life are constantly under tension and you have no idea when you last felt business joy.

We support family businesses in the alignment of business and family needs, driven by inner and outer strategic change.

Since each of our clients is different we always develop individual and strive for long-term sustainable solutions. We combine best practice methodologies with openness in order to be able to manage the unplanned. Our clients love working with us because of our big picture thinking and concrete intervention strategies.

Your Partner in Crime Business:

Petra Fischer

I am Austrian and have also had the pleasure to live and work in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal and Germany. 

After more than twenty years of leadership experience, managing various subsidiaries of international, family-run businesses I can openly introduce myself as someone who thinks unconventionally and acts with purposeful precision. I love diving into diverse geographic and organizational cultures, quickly acclimatise, and communicate openly and with a sense of humour. 

My career has taken me from finance into general management of producing businesses and wholesale trade organisations with a hands-on approach to business, which has definitely left a mark. If you appreciate straightforward dealings and a clear course of action we will enjoy working together.

Who else do you work with?

Depending on the scope and specialist needs of each project, I bring experts on board to consult on topics such as purchasing, change management, sales and communication. This allows us to work efficiently and with your goals in the forefront of our minds.

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